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Post Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Various fixes and improvements related to connecting to the Steam servers
  • Fixed a rare crash/black screen loading library pages
  • Fixed a blank screen when loading some announcements
  • Fixed a case where the in-game overlay appeared in some CEF based game launchers in a broken manner
  • Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam to 84.0.4147.105

Steam Cloud
  • Greatly reduce pre- and post-game sync time for apps which have hundreds or thousands of local files managed by Steam Cloud
  • Replace use of some Windows APIs which have been deprecated and may cause errors on Windows 11
  • Fixed issue causing “Unknown” or very-old file timestamps in the Sync Conflict dialog
  • Fixed files not being downloaded on app Install when it had previously been installed on the device
  • Fixed files not being re-downloaded if deleted by the user or some other process outside of the game

Steam Input
  • Improve handling of offline mode by moving locally edited configurations to Steam Cloud. You will now get cloud conflict dialogs when launching a game or opening the controller configuration screen rather than losing changes
  • Add new Steam Deck glyphs to Steam Input API and visually update the existing glyphs
  • Fixed a crash related to Steam Remote Play
  • Fixed issue that could cause some controllers to stay in “guest” mode where they aren’t allowed to export configurations

Remote Play
  • Updated macOS input and audio drivers for M1 hardware
  • Added support for VA-API hardware encoding on Linux (can be disabled by turning off AMD and Intel hardware encoding in the Remote Play advanced host settings)
  • Added support for DMABUF PipeWire capture on Linux (requires 32-bit libgbm.so.1 and can be enabled by launching Steam with -pipewire-dmabuf)
  • Added support for capturing up to 4K using PipeWire
  • Fixed rare crash when streaming a game from a Linux computer
  • Fixed streaming audio from Intel Mac that has been upgraded from macOS 10.15 to 11.0
  • Fixed a rare timeout starting to stream from a Linux computer
  • Fixed crash after a short time when streaming a game to a Linux computer with hardware acceleration

  • When sorting a collection by Steam Review, group the games by category (Overwhelmingly Positive, Very Positive, etc) and remove the banners from the bottom of the items

Big Picture
  • Fixed launching games when cloud save updates are pending

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent certain lossless audio files from playing correctly through the built-in Steam music player

  • Fixed SteamInput driver installer on M1 hardware blocking game streaming
  • Fixed minimize/restore buttons not working on some Steam Client windows

  • Updated scout and heavy runtimes: Improve compatibility with recent Let's Encrypt TLS/SSL certificate chains
  • Added initial support for games using CEG DRM through Proton
  • Fixed a console window erroneously appearing while launching CEG games. (needs latest Proton Experimental)
  • Fixed crash at startup with some experimental versions of Mesa

Shader Pre-Caching
  • Reduce memory use when processing shader caches
  • Improve performance and reduce disk I/O when updating Mesa caches on Linux

  • Reduce the number of rendezvous signals needed to establish a typical P2P session

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