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Post Team Fortress 2 Update Released

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed a client crash related to the dispenser and the recent addition of -unrestricted_maxplayers
  • Fixed the floor particles for the Pastel Trance Unusual taunt effect sometimes drawing full white
  • Fixed SourceTV not recording in-game chat for Mann vs. Machine defenders
  • Added SetStepHeight and SetMaxJumpHeight inputs to the base_boss entity
  • Updated the Beaten and Bruised cosmetic item
    • Fixed a floating triangle when equipping the Ultra Violence style on Sniper
    • Reduced the clipping for Soldier and Sniper
  • Updated Clubsy The Seal to be an assister in Pyrovision
  • Updated the models/materials for the Brimmed Bootlegger and Prohibition Opposition to fix clipping, skinning, and UV issues
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals
  • Updated Taunt: The Head Doctor
    • Fixed skinning on lower LODs
    • Fixed team coloring for both teams
    • Adjusted animation to reduce prop clipping
  • Updated Taunt: The Road Rager
    • Fixed skinning on lower LODs
    • Adjusted animation on wheels to better match character movement
  • Updated pd_selbyen
    • Fixed door stuck exploit
    • Major optimization improvements (thanks yrrzy!)
      • Added/moved some func_occluders
      • Hinting adjustments
      • Added skyboxes and func_areaportals to separate areas better
      • Added func_areaportalwindows to unload spawn building interiors
      • Turned some small brushes into func_details
      • Adjusted some prop fades
      • Fixed slight misalignment of the yellow center buildings roof structure
      • Better lighting under the docks
      • Minor detailing changes
  • Updated cp_steel
    • Added additional clipping where needed
    • Fixed some windows clip and trip spots
    • Adjusted Red respawn base times to not go over 10 (could get to 11 and 12)
    • Capture point HUD layout now matches its map kin (Gravelpit and Sulfur)
    • Updated map menu images to the present day (1970)
    • Reduced one-way door speed to stop ejecting players into orbit
    • Rebuilt B Red spawn exit to a cleaner style to alleviate spawn trapping and potential camping
    • Fixing some props that fade too early
    • Moved medium healthpack to the side between D->E to avoid accidental pickups
    • Reduced speed of handrail deployment so it doesn't overtake the bridges in the rare case that Blu captures C and D in quick succession
  • Updated koth_synthetic_event
    • Brightened and evened out lighting in play space
    • Fixed missing soundscape
    • Fixed missing detail sprites
    • Minor detail changes
  • Updated pl_venice
    • Added new exit for initial Blu spawn
    • Added new balcony outside Attic room above Point B
    • Added new balcony inside near Point D
    • Moved door on balcony near Point A (Thanks Billo)
    • Bridges now have solid side walls
    • Raised bridge is now less steep
    • Small building next to raised bridge is now taller
    • Added cover at Point C
    • Slightly adjusted balcony above Point D
    • Fixed being able to place turrets above Point D
    • Initial Blu spawn doors now close
    • Replaced fences at Blu spawn with buoys
    • Removed some interior props near Point D
    • The payload now sinks
    • Moved some health and ammo around
    • Updated navmesh
    • Lots of minor bug fixes
    • Lots of minor other changes
  • Updated vsh_distillery, vsh_nucleus, vsh_skirmish, and vsh_tinyrock
    • Failing to capture the point in 3 minutes after it opens results in Stalemate
    • Powerjack, Ali Baba's Wee Booties and Bootlegger on-kill effects now work on-hit
    • Hale's abilities now get affected by Vaccinator resistances
    • Fixed Ubercharge rate bonus applying only with the Ubersaw
    • Fixed self-damage counting towards Airstrike bonus rockets and Frontier Justice revenge crits
    • Fixed Natasha and Huo-Long Heater having incorrect damage penalty
    • Community servers now can expand the Script even further by creating a new file at scripts/vscripts/vsh_addons/main_pre.nut. While previously added main.nut gets executed last, main_pre.nut gets executed prior to most of the Script.
  • Updated vsh_skirmish (additional changes)
    • Fixed an out of bounds exploit
    • Fixed not being able to wall climb certain trees in the main arena

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