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Post Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed Steam Chat, game properties and certain other browser popup windows not rendering initially on Windows
  • Updated currency format of wallet balance in Russian ruble and South African rand
    Improved currency formatting in a few places including the Steam Wallet balance display to better match the way those currencies are displayed on the store

  • Greatly improved performance when opening app details for games with lots of DLC, like Rocksmith 2014
  • Fixed mini-profiles not showing on hover in Friends Who Play section

    Added Steam Deck compatibility options to dynamic collections

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed failing to backup/restore game files on user change or app-compatibility change in some cases where the game file location and the Steam backup location are on different volumes
  • Fixed case when a local file timestamp changes, but the file itself is unmodified, so that we don’t create a file conflict unnecessarily
  • Fixed condition causing unknown file timestamps in Cloud Conflict dialog, and fixed the dialog to display “Unknown” in any remaining cases where the timestamp isn’t available
  • Fixed sync error for games which have converted Cloud-saved files into directories
  • Fixed Cloud sync for some games with slightly malformed cross-platform Steam Cloud sync settings

    Fixed to no longer leave game saves in place from previous Steam users for most games that use the AutoCloud feature. This behavior was considered the safest path, however it gave the appearance that game files were getting shared/colliding between Steam accounts. Now, those files will be moved (instead of copied) to the safe local backup location Steam uses when the account changes.

Steam Overlay
  • Fixed corruption on some Vulkan applications on Intel Xe GPUs

Remote Play
  • Open the on-screen keyboard if the game calls the ShowGamepadTextInput() Steamworks API while streaming to Steam Deck

  • Fixed a bug causing servers using FakeIP to not be listed in the server browser

    Fixed a bug which could cause poor performance and asserts if packet loss was extremely high

  • Fixed cases where install preallocation would create larger files than necessary

  • Fixed an issue where updating graphics drivers would re-download media pre-caching files
  • Fixed the file picker extension filters not appearing when selecting Library custom art
  • Fixed adding non-Steam shortcuts with spaces in the path
  • Added home and mounted drive paths to the file picker quick bar

    Added the ability for the file picker to remember the previous location when selecting Library custom art

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